Hello! My name is Bradley Lovell, and I am a gameplay engineer based in the United States.
Since graduating from the University of Wisconsin - Madison with a BS in Computer Science, I have sought to develop my technical expertise in the design and programming of gameplay experiences. This has led me to participate in two Ludum Dare competitions, to earn a professional certification in Unity, and to publish an upcoming game on Steam.
I am currently looking to join a team that will value my expertise and challenge me to grow as a developer.
Feel free to browse my Portfolio and Steam page, review my Unity Certification, or download my Résumé.
My Passion
There once was a time I went camping and wanted to light a bonfire. I got the wood together, lit it with a match, and stared at it for a while. But something was wrong. It seemed that all the components of a fire were technically there, but this time, it just looked like a heap of burning logs. "I guess that's what a fire is," I thought, "but the magic is gone."
I had almost started to accept this disenchantment of the concept of the bonfire, but then I thought deeper about what made one up. I studied the fire, then threw a handful of matches down at the base. They flared up and started a convection current, which in turn created crackling coals, bursting embers, and shimmering heat haze, and soon enough, the bonfire finally felt RIGHT.
This is the feeling that drives me, and it is what informs how I approach challenges in gameplay programming. The difference between a gameplay experience that feels wooden and lifeless and one that feels lively and magical is in the craft that the developers put into the details. To pay sufficient attention to these details is to imbue feeling into a computer program such that its inner world comes alive before the player's eyes. This is, to me, the deepest sense of Animation, and achieving this phenomenon is what I strive for in all my work.
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