Armed with an arsenal of magical weapons, arrows, and spells, the player stands firm atop a great stone pillar as the forces of evil advance...
This virtual reality prototype features a bow, a pistol, and gesturally cast spells with which to fight back the approaching demon horde.

After summoning an ethereal bow, the player may fire standard arrows, or may gesturally select a special arrow. The arrow shown here allows the player to preview the trajectory that the arrow would take if it were released. The player can summon bows or pistols by simply grasping over the shoulder.

Demons revert to ragdoll physics when they are slain, and skeletons disassemble into heaps of loose bones, making for satisfying results when they are struck by spells. Certain actions, such as firing the pistol, cost Mana, which can be replenished by using the bow to hit the orbs dropped by enemies. How much Mana the player has is displayed on the back of the hand.

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